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Insert Molding and Machining of Circuit Board Mounting Brackets

At ASPEC, we have the resources to be the single source for finished, tight-tolerance components ready for the next step in the assembly process. We manufactured the three-part set of insert molded circuit board brackets with brass threaded inserts highlighted here for a customer in the computer industry.

Using a 1.5 oz. shot size of black Ultem 2400, chosen for its high thermal resistance and stiffness, we insert molded the components on our 28 ton vertical clamp, horizontal injection press. We operate a quick-change MUD Base mold insert system to facilitate 15 minute mold changes providing maximum efficiency which kept costs reasonable in this low volume application. We CNC drilled the four side core holes to within -.000/+.001" tolerances on hole diameter and +/- 0.002" on the distance between, and installed two additional self-expanding brass threaded inserts. EDM machining enabled us to achieve the required high quality surface finish.

These parts featured overall dimensions of 2-3/8" x 1-1/2" x 1" and wall thicknesses ranging from 5/16" to ¾". Strongly bonded-in hardware ensured that the tight connections would remain stable, even after exposure to high temperatures. By leveraging our value-added services, we were able to provide the customer with a robust product on a narrow timeline.

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Insert Molding & Machining of Circuit Board Mounting Brackets
Insert Molding & Machining of Circuit Board Mounting Brackets

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Insert Molding and Machining of Circuit Board Mounting Brackets Project Highlights

Product Description / Name
Circuit Board Mounting Brackets
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Plastic Injection Molding
CNC Machining
Injection Molding Machine
28 Ton Clamp - 1-1/2 ounce Shot Size
Vertical Clamp and Horizontal Injection
Insert Molded Parts
Brass Threaded Inserts
#3 / 8-32, #3 / 6-32, #2 / 4-40
Ultem 2400 - 40% Glass Filled
EDM Machined Finish
+/- 0.002 in. Between Holes
-.000 / +.001 in. on Holes
Overall Part Dimensions
2-3/8 x 1-1/2 x 1 (inches)
Wall Thickness: 5/16 to 3/4 inch
Secondary CNC Machining
Drilling Side Core Holes (4 Places)
Install 2 Self Expanding Brass Threaded Inserts
MUD Base Mold Inserts
Quick Change Mold Set Up
06-07 Insert Set
Industries Served
Computer - Electronic
500 per Month (Projected)
5,000 per Month (Peek Production)
Delivery / Time
4 weeks for Mold Production
Delivery / Location

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