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Over Molding and Assembly of Cable Connectors

From mold production all the way to pack-out, the team here at ASPEC was contracted to produce the overmolded cable assembly highlighted here for use with a surgical laser operating tool. We used our 28 ton ARBURG press in a vertical clamp configuration to precisely hold the connector heads and bodies for horizontal injection of 1-½ oz. shot of Santoprene thermoplastic rubber. This advanced material was chosen for its dimensional stability and excellent electrical insulation properties. Subsequent EDM machining achieved a tight ± 0.005" tolerance, on the two components. One featured dimensions of ½" diameter and 2-½" in length, the other is ½" thick, 7/8" wide, and 2" long, both with black matte finish.

The assembly process involved cutting wires to the desired length, stripping the ends, and creating solder or crimp connections. That was followed up by rolling the wire assembly to size and packaging in a heat-sealed poly bag, labeled with part information and bar code identification. Exhibiting absolute reliability in critical medical situations, we currently produce 1,000 units per month.

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Over Molding & Assembly of Cable Connectors
Over Molding & Assembly of Cable Connectors

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Over Molding and Assembly of Cable Connectors Project Highlights

Product Description / Name
Over Molded Cable Connectors
Capabilities Applied / Processes
Plastic Injection Molding
Cable Assembly – Pack Out
Injection Molding Machine
28 Ton Clamp - 1-1/2 ounce Shot Size
Vertical Clamp and Horizontal Injection
Over Molded Parts
Connector – Heads & Bodies
Thermoplastic Rubber
Santoprene 101-73
EDM Machined Matte Finish
+/- 0.005 in.
Overall Part Dimensions
½ inch diameter x 2-1/2 long
½ inch Thick x 7/8 inch Wide x 2 inches Long
Cable Assembly
Cut Wire to Length and Strip Insulation
Solder or Crimp Connector to Wire
Roll Wire Assembly to Size, Polybag and Heat Seal Shut, Label with Part Information and Bar Codes
Industries Served
Medical - Electronic
1,000 per Month
Delivery / Time
4 weeks for Mold Production
Delivery / Location
Cincinnati, Ohio

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